Janelle Briggs: Revolutionizing Real Estate, Tucson Startup Ecosystem, Raising $5 Million


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In this interview, you will learn:

  • New real-estate category, a revolutionary new way to own your first home in downtown Tucson, with expansion into Seattle, Denver and more!
  • How to start your first company through the local innovation ecosystem in Tucson, along with Janelle’s number one piece of advice for startup founders.
  • Raising $5 million dollars in Tucson.

ABOUT Janelle Briggs

Dr. Janelle Briggs is a biracial Black startup founder, feminist, and scholar committed to social justice. Dr. Briggs understands the value and beauty of humanity and, more importantly, how to empower others to disseminate a message of inclusion and social change. She is is the co-founder and CEO of Stackhouse, a Tucson, Arizona-based container living company specializing in eco-friendly, elevated living alternatives to the rising cost of urban housing.


We both met at Startup Coffee by Startup Tucson. The post explained by Janelle, featuring UA Ice Cats





Notable Mentions in this Interview

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