Transforming the legal industry with LegalBreeze

It is always exciting to see entrepreneurs with big vision, and this week we’re learning from LegalBreeze as they work to level the playing field for access to legal services. They are taking on transformation of a complex and dynamic industry which is ripe for change.

Mark Dean is the Chief Strategy Officer at Legal Breeze. His full bio is at the end of the article. 

Troy Hoch

Troy Hoch is one of the founders of Legal Breeze. His full bio is also at the end of this article.

The key lessons covered in this episode are: 

    • Your go-to market plan will be wrong: If you operate with this belief, then it’s critical to build a learning engine to find a beach-head and ultimately a G2M strategy that works. Legalbreeze has built a learning engine that allows them to review customer data and insights from experiments they run every 72 hours. They aspire to get this down to a 24 hour cycle which will allow them to learn three times faster.
    • Changing consumer behavior is really difficult: Use the learning engine you’re building to measure whether behavior change is occurring with your beach-head customers as well as engage with them personally to understand why or why not. If the evidence (data + insights) from customers suggests that customers are not changing behavior then pivot to a different customer segment based on the same evidence.
    • Explore broadly: Utilize curve-ball Experiments to help find alternative customer segments. A great example of this is Legalbreeze skipping digital marketing temporarily, and handing out fliers in person to better understand customers. These guerilla marketing and face-to-face methods are amazon tools to learn lots from customers really quickly.

Mark Dean has built a successful career leading and developing high-performance sales-service teams with several Fortune-1000 technology and financial services organizations. Mark currently is involved in leading the strategic and Go-to-Market Sales and Marketing strategy for a new legal technology startup called LegalBreeze, Inc.
LegalBreeze’s vision is to change the way lawyers and consumers connect to solve legal matters by empowering everyone with information. LegalBreeze’s platform is designed to be the one-stop-shop for lawyers to grow and manage their law practice of the future while simplifying the task of hiring a lawyer for consumers and small businesses.

He also had the pleasure of learning through his roles leading various sales, service, and customer enterprise functions at LinkedIn, Go-Daddy, Intuit, First Data, and Household Credit Services.

As a former college basketball player at Old Dominion University, Mark credits his successful track record of building and leading successful teams to his experience competing at the highest level in college sports. He believes “business is a team sport!”.

Mark holds a BS Degree in Finance from Old Dominion University in Virginia and an MBA from Troy State University in Alabama.
He also is focused on giving back to further causes he cares about and has served on several non-profit boards. He is currently a member of the Old Dominion University’s Strome School of Business Advisory Council and a member of the Tucson Conquistadores.

Troy M. Hoch is a real estate attorney and partner with Quarles & Brady LLP and has been in private law practice since 2002. He concentrates his practice in the areas of commercial construction transactions, commercial lending, real estate lending, general real estate and business transactions, and Indian law. Troy received a BA degree in business administration from the University of San Diego and a JD degree from Gonzaga University School of Law. Upon graduating from law school, Troy was in-house counsel for a heavy highway construction contractor for five years. In 2001, he formed, an online auction company and ASP focused on the heavy equipment industry. Troy, along with his wife, Jen, founded LegalBreeze, Inc. in late 2017, and, with the considerable help of original stakeholders, Mark Dean, Larry Stiffman, Tom Norton, Adam Lazarus, Edward and Miriam Salido and Ted Bernstein, LegalBreeze was launched in Southern Arizona on May 28, 2020.

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